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The Little Mermaid


Here is the information on costumes: Costumes PDF ("right click" and choose "save link as")

Below are the songs to Little Mermaid for you to practice. "Right Click" to download.I have also added lyric sheets for songs where a lot of actors sing.

With Words Without Words        


Fathoms Below   Fathoms Below

Daughters of Triton  Daughters

Human Stuff  Human Stuff

Part of your World  Part of your World

Under the Sea  Under the Sea

Part of your World (reprise 1)  Part of your world R1

Part of your World (reprise 2)  POUW R2

She's In Love  She's in Love 

Poor Unfortunate Souls  Poor Unfortunate Souls

Beluga Segruva Beluga Sevruga

Les Poissons  Les Poissons

One Step Closer  One Step Closer  

Kiss the Girl  Kiss the Girl

The Contest  The Contest

Poor Unfortunate Souls (reprise)           Poor Unfortunate Souls 

Lyrics sheets  (in word format)

Fathoms Below

Under the Sea 

Under the Sea Reprise

Kiss the Girl 

Les Poissons






  Last update February 19th, 2009